Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year New Me New Blah Blah Blah

Do not let the title discourage you I'm not knocking the New Year's resolution thang.

You see, 2014, was a game changing year for me. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Found my inner voice through yoga.
  • Discovered the untapped well of my personal power; through yoga.
  • Realized that I can rely on myself to provide the support and attention my daughter needs.
  • Enjoyed the continued support of my loving family; they are always there through thick and thin. I am blessed.
  • I have learned to move forward no matter how unfortunate or desperate my circumstances have seemed in my minds eye.
  • I overcame my addiction to tobacco products after 15 years of abuse.
  • I realized that money is but an energy we trade and not something that deserves all the negative associations I had put on it.

There are many more highlights that I could share but these are the most relevant to the New Year.

The main thing I have gathered from 2014 is that perseverance is the key to pushing through the blockages and obstacles. I have prayed and done asana. I have chanted and danced my way to peace. I feel the force of change coursing through every fiber of my being in one big new age realization that I AM ONE with everything that exists.

What am I looking for in 2015?

Well I am not looking for anything. I am quite happy to report that I am found in every sense of the word. I decided to sign up to become a Certified Personal Trainer and am working my way towards that. I will be sitting my certification exam sometime during March or April and will have a new career to look forward to. In March I start my Yoga Teacher Training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell how excited I am about that???

Over the moon in fact.


As if that wasn't enough I will be driving a new to me car in the coming months which is a physical manifestation of all the blood sweat and tears I have shed in 2014 working towards a better future for myself and my loved ones. 2015 is going to see me unfold my wings and FLY!

What is the point here?

For you, dear reader, the point is to never give up. I have been challenged to the very core the last few years and had all but a shred of hope pushing me through to the next part of the process. I discovered Yoga and it wasn't a miracle cure. In fact practicing Yoga is one of the main reasons things got so crazy. The transformation that occurs when you study and apply the principles of the path are astounding. I have laughed and cried harder than ever before. I have been weeping on my mat after many powerful classes. I have found teachers and students interested in my process and my path. I have developed friendships and lost some connections. Most of all I have cultivated a solid relationship with myself through the practice of Yoga. My guiding light is ever present as I work every day to improve my mind and body to allow the spiritual awakening to unfold at its own pace.

one more thing:

I CAN DO FOREARM STANDS!!!! (well at the wall.... but its a start)

I invite you to develop your daily practice or ritual; whatever it is that brings you peace, realization and harmony. It is time to develop the highest parts of ourselves so that we may live in an integrated fashion with all of our parts working equally towards the same goal. Peace is found in balance of all the opposites. Its that gray area many of us fail to recognize among the black and white.

The one resolution I do have this year is to share more on my blogs. I have a hard time sitting down to do this but once I do the words flow through me. I really enjoy sharing these parts of my journey and will be working towards becoming more active in the blogosphere during this year.

I write these words with love, light, and healing to all beings with all their parts in all their walks of life and into death and rebirth. I wish you all the best 2015!