This was taken and the following text written Summer of 2014:

There I am practicing my headstand! I am almost there!

I am a lover of all things that are natural and healthy. In all my travels and searching I have come to understand that a daily practice of yoga is one of the most beneficial things I can do for myself. When I was younger I would practice many different yoga poses without even knowing what they were. I just knew that it felt good and was an interesting way to use my body. Now that I have grown a little I have found that yoga is a part of me; I have created a deep commitment to practice regularly and to eventually become a certified teacher so that I can share the benefits of yoga with others.

I currently practice 4-6 times per week on average; four sessions are in class and then I practice at home also. I have started slowly and built up to this. I do not think it is healthy to have an 'all or nothing' mentality; at least not for myself and have instead decided that I will gradually ease into it until I develop a strong daily practice.

One of the most relevant things I have learned in the most recent part of my journey is that finding a good teacher or teachers that you can share with is an essential part of a healthy yoga practice. YES, you can learn through books and videos but in terms of correct alignment and focus it really helps to have an experienced practicioner who can guide you within your practice. They will be there to witness your transformation and give you much needed advice and tips along the way.

The more I have read and practiced the more I have realized that becoming a certain type of teacher is not the most relevant aspect of my practice. That is why I have found a local school that is focused on learning about the history and philosophy of the yogic teachings across all disciplines. After I learn more about yoga and myself I will be able to specialize in the discipline I most connect with.

I am humbled to be able to practice this ancient art and extremely happy to find my path within this labyrinth we call life.


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