Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Welcome to my quest!

The practice of yoga is an incredible gift passed to our modern generation from times much different than ours. I remember doing the wheel, shoulder stand, plough and several other postures during my youth having no idea I would one day desire to fully integrate these and other postures into my day and share them with others.

There have been some drastic changes in my life and my routine. To help myself adapt I have begun to practice yoga four to five times a week. I have found an incredible mentor who owns a cozy and quiet studio near my home and regularly teaches at the Y I go to. I would like to thank Tracey from Still Lake Yoga for helping me to find my footing in yoga and for being there to support me in my journey. I have searched for many years to find a supportive and nurturing teacher like yourself. I am extremely enthusiastic about our weekly Sivananda practice and have begun to integrate the sun salutations into my day.

Yoga is not just about the postures and looking cool. Yoga stands for union and it is a practice that will lead you to a union with the divine consciousness that exists within all parts of the universe. When we learn to let go of our thoughts and notions we become at one with this universal mind that will lead us to true happiness and inner peace through acceptance and surrender.

I am so eager to begin learning more and to join a teacher training course at Yoga Matrix Studios in Orlando, FL. I will be doing some fund raising to make this dream possible and will be adding a donations button to the site. I will need to raise about $1,000 for the first session which will go towards the cost of the course, books, daycare, and travel expenses.

This blog will be focused on my journey to becoming a teacher and you will find regular journal entries expressing different aspects of the development of my practice on the Journal page. My blog posts will be focusing on the benefits of yoga and the vast variety of techniques that can help us all attain inner peace.

I am very thankful to all of the individuals who have influenced my yoga practice and who continue to be rays of light on this path.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey. Please feel free to comment and interact!

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